Simple to use, fully hosted shopping cart web site solution that includes everything you need to sell online.



Why use Absolute?

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Absolute Shopping cart is a simple to use, fully hosted shopping cart web site solution that includes everything you need to start selling your company’s products on line. The system provides a ready to trade, fully functioning shopping cart web site straight out of the box. It is packed with a whole host of features that are designed to help make your online business a success from the beginning.

With most other ecommerce systems, you will spend a least a couple of weeks if not months learning the how to use the software, then you will spend even more time, configuring the system and designing your site pages. All this wasted time, before you can even begin to add your products for sale. Our system is different because it is ready to use straight away, as soon as we give you the login details, just add your items for sale.

We promise that you won’t get bogged down trying to learn the software because it is so simple to use. You won’t be confused by by technical jargon, and you won’t spend hours of your time trying to work your way through a complicated array of configuration wizards before you can even begin to start adding any products for sale.

  • Unlike other cart systems, we don’t limit the number of products you can add to your shop or have a sliding scale which becomes more expensive if you add more products. So just add as many items as you like.
  • If you sell items in different sizes, box or pack quantities, colours, multiple lengths or weights and differing price, you will be amazed at the flexibility of the Absolute Shopping Cart system.
  • Absolute Shopping Cart enables you to sell items to trade or member customers at a different price.
  • Absolute Shopping Cart makes it simple to add product images to your online shop. There is no need to make several copies of product images as the system will automatically make thumbnails and standard size images from the pictures you upload.
  • Give customers discounts based on promotional codes or coupons, and give discounts / offers to customers when they refer an new customer to your site

Absolute installation guide

  1. Log into the Admin section and click on Shipping and Payment
  2. Select Payment Options
  3. Scroll to eWAY and click Enable
  4. Click Submit change