What is a payment gateway & how do I choose the right one?

choosing a payment gateway

A payment gateway is like an online cash register that helps businesses accept credit cards, debit cards and other forms of digital payment methods. Whether you sell in-store and online, or exclusively online — a payment gateway facilitates secure payments for both scenarios.  This article explores the payment gateway essentials; what it is, how it

What level of fraud protection does my business need?

Levels of fraud protection

Payment fraud is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. With ecommerce and digital card payments skyrocketing during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, it’s become a more pressing issue for a lot of businesses. In 2020, 4,255 BEC (business email compromise) scams hit small to mid-sized businesses in Australia, a problem that has cost billions

Upskill your security knowledge with these 9 essential terms

Upskill your security knowledge with these 9 essential terms

Malicious hackers exploit unknowing computer users, hijacking login credentials, freezing file access, swiping personal identification details, and even rendering their device unusable. As more business moves online, protecting your company’s data, employees, customers, and sensitive information are crucial. This means you and your team need to know what to look out for and how to respond. 

An insider look into how Australians like to shop

How Australians shop

Dubbed as the ‘loyalty shock’, millions of Aussie shoppers have used alternative stores, products and brands for the first time — due to the pandemic forcing changes in shopping behaviours. As a result, many merchants had to quickly rush to adapt to these new conditions with quick fixes to ensure they could still remain operational

Why product photography is so important for eCommerce & how to get it right

business owner photographing teeshirt

It’s a well known fact that people look first and read second. This is because the human brain processes visual information much faster than it processes text based information. How much faster you ask? 60,000 times faster! When it comes to visual information and selling, 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key