PayTo, pre-authorised real-time payments

PayTo is a new emerging payments technology that will allow businesses like yours to take pre-authorised real-time payments from your customers’ bank accounts.

Effortless online real-time payments? Yes way.

As one of the first online payment providers in Australia, we’ve been paving the way in online payments since 1998. 

Our promise of ‘effortless online payments’ is something we can confidently guarantee. We know you and your customers care about choice, convenience and flexibility. After all, we have more than 250 available integrations for our payments solution. 

For us, it’s all about looking for new and innovative ways to make your business’ online payments simple, streamlined and effortless. So you can get back to what you need to – focusing on running and growing your business.

So when a new payment technology emerges, you can bet we’re going to be right across it. 

PayTo is one such emerging payment technology that will allow you to take pre-authorised, real-time payments from customers’ bank accounts with a PayTo agreement. 

Although not currently available in the industry, we’re working hard on our integration with leading best-in-class NPP (New Payments Platform) technology to make PayTo available to you soon.


You can say ‘yes way’ to

PayTo with Eway

list-checkChoice and convenience with one-off shopping cart transactions

list-checkPre-authorised recurring payments for subscription services 

list-checkReduced fraud and payment disputes because transactions are authorised by your customers


Why PayTo with Eway might be right for you

How PayTo works

When it comes to helping our customers grow and thrive in a digital economy, we’ll keep on doing what we do – making online payments easier.

Watch the video to see how PayTo works.



A. PayTo is currently being developed by New Payments Platform (NPP) Australia and the financial services industry. Although not currently available, Eway is working on the integration to offer our customers this new payment technology as soon as it becomes available.


A. PayTo is a digital, centrally stored agreement between a business and a customer that pre-authorises a business to take payments from the customer’s verified bank account for an agreed amount, frequency (can be recurring or one-off) and time period. PayTo payments are processed in real-time 24×7 using a simple identifier with a richer description.


A. PayID allows customers to link easy-to-remember pieces of information, such as their mobile phone number or email address, to their bank account to send and receive real-time payments.


A. Many consumers and businesses have PayID set up, which links a unique and memorable piece of information such as your mobile number or email address to your bank account. This is commonly used in many consumer-to-consumer payments as a way to send safe, secure, instant payments between bank accounts. PayID is created in a customer’s banking app.
While PayID makes it quick and easy to set up pre-authorised PayTo agreements, customers can still enter their BSB and bank account number directly, without having to use PayID.

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