An ecommerce solution that is great for businesses looking to integrate wifi hotspots and self service machines.



Why use Antamedia?

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Antamedia is an organisation that brings together various eCommerce software specialising in integrating computer systems. These things include Wifi hotspots, Kiosks, internet cafes, point of sale services and more. A lot of their products also have free trials so you can test run them before you commit. Their products don’t just stop there, with Antamedia, you can also manage the data usage and printing quota in your system. This is great if you’re running a restaurant or even a hotel.

Antamedia’s ecommerce solutions are great for businesses that are looking to integrate wifi hotspots and self service machines. With business partners including Hilton, Vodafone, Asus, NASA and many other notable firms, you can be sure you’re dealing with experienced people.

Antamedia offers an interface for your customers when it comes to using the internet as well as technology that lets you remotely control computers and provide excellent customer support. Make your business more efficient by:

  • Implementing self-service machines
  • Having multiple ways of accepting payments
  • Customisation for different interfaces
  • Accept smart cards (NFC, etc)
  • Loyalty programs

Antamedia installation guide

  1. Go to Payments gateways and select eWAY
  2. Enter you eWAY Customer Id
  3. Click Save