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Why use CMSMadeSimple?

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CMS Made Simple, an entity whose name raises more questions than it answers, is an open source website design application. First things first, CMS stands for ‘Content Management System’. What that means is that they are in charge of what’s on your website – the ‘content’ of it. CMS Made Simple is open source, which means it’s free to use, and they are quite flexible in function: providing the capacity to accept payments is only one of their functions.

CMS Made Simple has clean infrastructure in place, but leaves a lot of the design aspects up to the user. For this reason CMS Made Simple would be a good application for a merchant looking to stamp their own personal style on their website. If you are someone who does not have a great deal of computer know-how, it would make sense to enlist the help of a developer/website designer if you were to use CMS Made Simple.

What CMS Made Simple do, they do well. They endeavour to be unobtrusive, trusting that you know what’s best for your website. This is not sales speak for them having no features – being developers themselves, they don’t want to step on other developers’ toes.

CMS Made Simple has an easy-to-navigate interface. It lets you re-organise the pages on your website whichever way you like, and develops a logical and coherent organisational framework based on your page hierarchy.

If you decide to make changes to your business structure, CMS Made Simple is well-positioned to facilitate those changes, because it is designed for maximum flexibility. All you would have to do is change your add-on tools, of which there are hundreds.

This CMS is scalable – equally useful for small businesses and large corporations.

CMSMadeSimple installation guide

Download the free eWAY module from CMS Made Simple.

Enter your eWAY Customer Id in the plugin and that’s it!