Specialises in database driven web development, in particular eCommerce and design for web and print.



Why use GOcms?

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Need to start selling your products online but not sure where to start? Graphics Online are the e-commerce specialists. Allow us to introduce the GOcms shopping cart! We specialise in database driven web development, in particular eCommerce and design for web and print. Our flagship products are the GOcms Store, our pre-built shopping cart software, and GO cms Site, our pre-built website system.

GOcms is a fully supported commercial website software solution with a team of developers behind it. This CMS solution was not only built to be as user-friendly as possible but it has been tried and tested in the industry over the last 7 years to produce a truly simple CMS solution.

GOcms meets and exceeds all of the expectations that you would expect from a Content Management System (CMS), if you are unfamiliar with what a Content Management System is then please read through our Content Management Systems Explained article.

While anyone can download software, having specialist programmers on call during your website build allows you to meet the tightest of deadlines and maintain a high standard of website build. Hosting, DNS, JavaScript, PHP, Database set up can all get complicated very quickly, we are able to take care of all this for you while you control the design and maintain the relationship with your client.

We are purely a wholesale website building service working with other graphic designers and advertising agency partners to produce a consistent and attractive website product. We specialise in e-commerce (shopping cart websites) as well as highly customised agency designs. Our rates are wholesale rates leaving plenty of room for profit on top after you add your mark up. (typically 15% – 25%)

We pride ourselves on producing the sharpest websites possible based off your design, while producing code that allows functionality without the error messages. While we deal with the high end of the design market it is possible to build a very straight forward website for a budget under $1200.

We provide you training on all areas of the GOcms as well as a help manual you can rebrand as your own to provide to your clients.

One of the benefits of writing your own CMS means you can modify it to exactly how your clients need it to look and perform and not be stuck with a format that is hard to customise.

GOcms is the simple CMS solution everyone wants with extensive support and a sophisticated team to back it up. You can depend on GOcms, a solid Content Management System, to produce a final product that will make you and your clients ecstatic.

GOcms installation guide

eWAY integration is built into GOcms.shopping.cart