Hero Framework

A white label, open source PHP content management system (CMS).



Why use Hero Framework?

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Hero Framework is a white label, open source PHP content management system (CMS). White label means it is not an original product: it has been resold by Electric Function. Open Source means users are free to modify the coding (and enact change on their website accordingly). PHP is a common language used in Open Source software. A content management system is one that organises the look and feel of your website.

The parent company, Electric Function, have positioned themselves in the market to cater for small to medium sized businesses. For non-tech savvy users, they have also developed a hosted option which requires less of you in terms of programming/coding. That said, to get maximum value from Hero Framework, it would make sense to either enlist the help of a developer in the initial setup of your site.

With Hero Framework you can:

  • Simply and quickly customise the layout design of your store through our multiple templates
  • Run a subscription membership website. This is a great way to earn ongoing income. All you need to do is integrate Hero Framework’s automatic subscription billing engine with your site, and you’re away
  • You can also create member-only content areas, organise member discounts and specials, and a whole bunch of other Earn subscription income by integrating Hero’s entirely automated subscription billing engine into your website
  • Integrate entire photo galleries for single products.

Hero Framework installation guide

eWAY is already built into Hero Framework.

Just enter your eWAY credentials and that’s it.