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Turn your WordPress blog into a powerful, fully automated membership site.


Why use Magic Members?

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Magic Members is a premium WordPress Membership Plugin that turns your WordPress blog into a powerful, fully automated membership site.

You may expect to pay $2,000 – $3,000 for such an easy to use, full-featured membership application that does not require you to switch to a different system. Magic Members is a fully integrated WordPress membership and subscription plug-in that quickly takes your blog from an ordinary blog to a powerful membership site.

Built specifically for WordPress blogs, Magic Members will easily create your membership site. The easy-to-use interface gets rid of the “technical” side, allowing you to create and manage your membership site without worry.

Why use Magic Members?

Unlimited Membership Levels

Magic Members, the WordPress membership plugin, takes your membership site to the next level with the ability to control access to different levels across your membership site. The ability to offer different membership access to different areas, such as a download area, increases value for your membership levels.

Flexible Membership Options

In addition to the different levels of membership, you are also able to set different membership billing options with an unlimited amount of subscriptions. Whether you want to charge daily, weekly, monthly or even annually, you will have complete control in how your members pay for their subscriptions. For example, ‘Standard’ memberships may pay monthly, while ‘Premium’ memberships pay annually. packages. It truly is an easy and seamless way to accept payments for your membership site!

Control Subscription Length

Control how long memberships are valid with membership expiration. Want your “Basic” memberships to expire after two week? You can do that. This feature works great for limited or trial memberships.

Controlled Content Access

If you have different levels of membership, you will appreciate the Controlled Content Access. Control what the different levels of memberships see. If you want your “Standard” or “Basic” members to have limited access, simple “hide” the information you don’t want them to see.

Pay Per Post Access/ Pay Per View

Allow even more flexibility with the Pay Per Post access feature. Magic Members provides you the ability to allow free memberships to purchase content or articles on a per post basis. Even better, each post can be assigned its own price and your members can purchase as little or as much content as they would like.  Do you have a video site and you want to charge your members per video they view? Then pay per view feature is for you. You can set the access limit to 1 (if you want, you can change this number), so the user who paid can access the page only 1 time. After that his access will be disabled

Magic Members installation guide

  1. In the Magic Members admin section, navigate to Payment Settings
  2. Click the Payment Modules tab
  3. Check in the eWAY payment box
  4. Enter your eWAY Customer Id

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