A free shopping cart system that’s been designed specifically for Joomla.



Why use redSHOP?

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redSHOP is a free shopping cart system that’s been designed specifically for Joomla. With extensions, you’ll be able to make bank transfers easier and integrate with heaps of different options. With over 10 different language add-ons, you’ll be able to maintain your website in your favourite language.

You can go even further and personalise your website by installing heaps of clean templates. Make any website look professional. See why 30 million people have downloaded redSHOP and get a fully flexible eCommerce solution for your website today.

redSHOP has heaps of essential and advanced functions every good online business should have. You’ll be able to manage your stock and even check each stockroom’s delivery time. Let your customers experience the best of eCommerce by implementing:

  • Gift cards
  • Sound customer service
  • Limited time vouchers and coupons
  • Product zooming

Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you, get redSHOP and differentiate yourself from them today!

redSHOP installation guide

  1. Purchase and install the eWAY Rapid payment plugin from redSHOP
  2. To install the eWAY payment plugin you must first go into the Payment Gateways section in the administration, and add the plugin which is a compressed file
  3. After the installation, eWAY will appear in the list of payment gateways
  4. Activate the plugin and enter your eWAY API Key and Password