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Why use WebAssist eCart?

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eCart from WebAssist brings a world of opportunity and professional features to the Dreamweaver shopping cart. Give your clients a high-end online storefront with all the advantages they’ve been demanding with added database management and web page customisation. Build as many stores as you want, faster than ever.

Our Super Suite products allow you to use all Dreamweaver extensions developed over the last decade by downloading only 3 files! You will be able to create standardized CSS layouts, build database-driven pages and create a content management system as well as impressive shopping cart features!

Use the simple wizards in Dreamweaver to design your shopping cart and checkout pages with fully customisable colours and buttons. Create shipping and tax rules to charge what you want, when you want. Run discounts and promotions to increase conversion with targeted promotions.

With WebAssist’s easy-to-use design you won’t need any database experience. You can easily choose to build a static or dynamic cart with eCart. This allows you to run your database automatically with Dreamweaver technology.

WebAssist eCart installation guide

Please see the WebAssist eCart website for information on linking eCart to Eway.