A one of a kind solution that allows businesses to sell and advertise their products on Facebook.



Why use Zibaba?


Zibaba is partnered with and integrates easily with Eway. Zibaba is the only Facebook storefront solution with a Social Affiliate Network. This means that businesses can easily interact with and manage affiliates and measure their performance. Affiliates are recruited on a revenue-share basis. The affiliate interface provides a complete reporting system that shows affiliates’ real-time data.

Zibaba serves thousands of successful companies across North America, Europe, and the Middle East and is one of a small number of exclusively approved, Facebook cart providers. Zibaba is proud to say that they are preferred by Facebook Developer worldwide, Zibaba is also a Facebook Ad API vendor.

Eway aims to enable you to sell your products in as many ways as possible. Zibaba’s social commerce platform is the only way to promote, sell and advertise on Facebook. Zibaba helps you maximize your revenue from Facebook:

  • Create your customized Facebook shop in just a few clicks
  • Promote your store using daily deals, flash sales, coupons and more
  • Advertise to new and existing customers using Zibaba’s Ads Direct
  • Recruit and Manage your social affiliates
  • Analyze & Optimize your F-commerce success to generate more sales