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AWBS is the complete solution for any domain name and website hosting provider. AWBS comes complete with user web interface where your customers can place orders, manage their account, pay invoices, obtain support, and fully manage their domain names. The powerful admin interface is designed for administrative efficiency and ease of use. With direct integration to eWAY, your customers will be auto billed for recurring services and never leave your website when placing an order or paying an invoice.

Why use AWBS?

Whether starting new or looking to expand your existing web hosting and/or domain registration business, the AWBS fully automated solutions and unique features will allow you achieve your goal with minimum effort and cost.

AWBS installation guide

  1. In the AWBS Configuration area within Module Setup page Enable the eWAY payment module
  2. Enter your eWAY Customer Id In the Payment Setup section
  3. Click Save.
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How it works with eWAY

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