Salesforce + Chargent

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    eWAY is built in to this integration
  • Vendor Price:
    From USD10.00 per user, per month, billed annually
  • Category:

    App / Connector

    Recurring / Billing


    Supports Rapid API


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About Salesforce + Chargent

Collecting payments via salesforce is fast, and easy with the Chargent add-on.

Chargent gives you the option to capture payments immediately via buttons in Salesforce, or schedule upcoming payments to be run in batches. So your team can charge a credit card in real-time with a customer on the phone, and then have the option of setting up an ongoing payment schedule for the future.

Chargent puts you in control of your payment processing, managing the entire process right in Salesforce where your customer data is stored. See every transaction, including declines or refunds, in a clear list right on each customer record.

Understand the complete payment history, total spend, and subscriptions of any customer at a glance, and take action based on that data in just a few clicks.

No more importing transaction records from a financial system, or logging into a separate virtual terminal web site to charge credit cards.

Why use Salesforce + Chargent?

  • – Complete control
  • – Flexible Platform
  • – More Integrations
  • – Developer tools & API
  • – Fair pricing & fast ROI
  • – Proven technology

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Salesforce + Chargent Installation Guide

Head over to the Chargent website, where you can find detailed integration guides

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Reviews & Testimonials

“Love Chargent as our payment platform! Easy to use and great customer service!”
– Stephanie Meroni
“Chargent does everything we need it to and more. The interface is great and extremely flexible, and their developer API provides all you need to integrate payment processing into custom pages. I also love that it is a completely Salesforce native solution. Don’t know why you would want anything else!”
– Kyle Schmid
“Always on top of customer service needs. As someone who is not tech savvy, it’s extremely important to me to have people I can trust. These guys are fantastic!”
– Nik Bando
“We needed a solution that allowed our Account Managers insight into client billing, as well as the ability to process client payments. So far, this has fit the bill perfectly! Setup was pretty easy, and Chargent’s customer support was so helpful and quick to respond to any questions.”
– Haley Grow
“We have used this app in many scenarios successfully. The support is excellent, the app is easy to setup, so if you are in need of a payment processing connector, look no further”
– Mehdi Farbod

Key Features

  • Connect eWAY to Salesforce in a few easy clicks

  • 100% Salesforce native

  • Secure and PCI Compliant

  • One-Time or Recurring Billing

  • Customizable Invoicing

  • Free Technical Support


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