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eSolutions are an Australian-based eCommerce solution provider. They deal with website design and construction in its entirety, and have their own shopping cart as a part of this package. As a company they’ve been around since 1998 (then they were named Cyber Commerce).

Theirs is an out-of-the-box shopping cart, which you can get for a one-off payment. Because of their broad range of expertise in eCommerce, eSolutions also provide useful tools for Search Engine Optimisation within your shopping cart.

Why use eSolutions?

The eSolutions shopping cart supports an unlimited number of products

eSolutions lets you give each product on your online store a unique URL, meta title and meta description (the descriptors that show up in a google search). This dramatically improves your search engine ratings, which will in turn improve traffic to your site.

Integrated merchants also get access to reports on stock, website traffic, sales, and other things of this nature on demand (they are self-generated). You can continually update your content simply using HTML coding. You are also free with eSolutions software to provide discounts, special deals and other ‘member-only’ style content, and to let previous customers know of these deals via email (via the ‘newsletter’ feature).

eSolutions installation guide

eWAY integration is built into eShop.

Just enter your eWAY Customer Id into the Admin of eShop under the eWAY option and click Save.

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How it works with eWAY

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