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About iCCPay

Turn your iPhone into a mobile credit card terminal

With iCCPay you can turn your iPhone into a mobile credit card terminal for processing your customers credit cards from virtually anywhere! This is the first iPhone app to specifically support eWAY and AUD currency. No other hardware is required, just your iPhone or iPod Touch!

iCCPay Installation Guide

  1. Download the iCCPay Application from the AppStore
  2. Enter your company name and your eWAY Customer ID number when prompted
  3. Click Save, the iPhone will now be setup to handle eWAY as real-time Credit Card processing

Key Features

  • Turns your iPhone into a Credit Card Terminal.

  • Quick setup, punch in your company name and Customer ID and you are up and running.

  • Single screen entry for fast and convenient transactions (more information can also be added).

  • Supports Card Security Code (CVV/CVN).

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