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Infusionsoft makes your sales and marketing simple. How? By bringing together everything you need into a single online system built exclusively for small businesses.

CRM to help you capture new leads, streamline the sales process and close more deals

Email and Social Marketing to create targeted campaigns that engage and convert leads into customers.

E-Commerce to boost online sales by connecting your storefront to your contact records and marketing

Let Infusionsoft help redefine the way you do business. Get more done in the time you have with powerful tools that work automatically so you can focus on what you do best.

Why use Infusionsoft CRM?

The only all-in-one sales and marketing software. Built for small businesses. We’ve built everything you need into a single, well-oiled machine that automatically converts leads into new customers and grows sales from existing ones. So you can focus on your business. Or your life. Or both. Imagine that.

Infusionsoft CRM installation guide

Infusionsoft supports eWAY as a native integration.

To enabled eWAY in Infusionsoft:

  1. In Infusionsoft navigate to eCommerce >> Settings
  2. Click Merchant Accountsin the settings menu
  3. Select eWAY from the Merchant Account drop-down
  4. Fill in the below eWAY information:

Name: The name should be short and descriptive. It is used to identify this merchant account in various lists throughout Infusionsoft (e.g. eWAY Payments).
Customer ID: This is your eWAY Customer ID.
Username: ​This is the username or email address used to login to eWAY 
API Password: This can be set in MYeWAY by navigating to My Account >> eWAY Passwords >> API Password
Click Save and make a test payments

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How it works with eWAY

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