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Building your ecommerce store? Don’t worry. Our simple point-and-click system lets you set up online store in no time. What if you’re an ecommerce expert? Then, you’ll be pleased to know that InstanteStore suits you as well. Built on CSS and easily customized templates, you can design your store and tweak it until you’re 100% satisfied. With our modular system, you can start off using just the basic features and get your store online quickly or dig deeper into our many advanced features as you get more comfortable and familiar with things.

No matter whether you’re a total ecommerce newbie or an expert, you can instantly sell in 3 different places just by building your store once. Each time you add a product to your store, it’s automatically added to your website store, Facebook Social Store and also your mobile-optimized webstore. Talk about leveraging your web presence!

Why use Instant eStore?

InstanteStore is one of the few ecommerce solutions that actually helps you to sell more. With built-in tools like our “people who bought this also bought this” feature, your store will literally urge people to buy more from you. That’s not all. You can even include a one-time offer with a ticking deadline right AFTER they have completed a purchase from you. This has been proven to increase your sales size very effectively.

That’s not all. For every order that is completed, you’re sure to have a few abandoned orders. All is not lost, however, with our “order followup system”. When you turn it on, your store will literally scan through your aborted orders everyday and pro-actively contact the potential customer to ask them what went wrong and to urge them to complete their order. Depending on your store, this can save 5-45% of aborted sales. What’s the bottom line? You increase sales for free! Now, which other ecommerce software do you know that does this for you? Start your free trial account now.

Instant eStore installation guide

  1. Go to Configure Payment in Admin section of Instant eStore
  2. Click Active Payment Methods, then Add New Payment Method
  3. Select eWAY
  4. Enter your eWAY Customer ID and click Save
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How it works with eWAY

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