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Jomres is a multi-function booking system that integrates seamlessly with the Joomla Content Management System, or it can stand alone within it’s own superlight framework.

Why use Jomres?

Multi-user, multi-language, multi-property booking/reservation system.

Appropriate for single property installations of just one property/business, up to installations hosting hundreds or thousands of properties. Properties/businesses can be either booking based, or you can add real-estate like properties that don’t require any booking features.

Designed to work around plugins, it’s entire architecture is constructed to allow us, and you, to write software that modifies, enhances and removes functionality.

Using our innovative Jomres ASAModule plugin you can configure much of the output Jomres presents to appear in Joomla module positions.

Utilising a powerful, intelligent booking system, guests can see the full cost of the booking, on one page, without having to move between pages. This gives them a friendly experience designed to encourage spontaneous bookings.

Jomres installation guide

Download the eWAY plugin from the Joomla website

Enter your eWAY Customer Id into the extension and that’s it!

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How it works with eWAY

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