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Rezgo is a cloud based fully hosted software as a service central reservation and on-line booking system for tour and activity companies. Rezgo provides business tools that help the tour or activity business manage their product information, seat availability, bookings, revenues, customer information, and payments.

Rezgo helps tour & activity operators manage their tours, activities, excursions, events & attractions with online bookings, direct payments, & a point of sale. Manage your tourism business better with Rezgo.

Why use Rezgo?

The reason why Rezgo is a leader in activity booking systems is because it is specialized for particular businesses. In order to be the best at something, we believe you have to be focused, and you have to be passionate about your specialty. For the most part, our customers are very specialized, they do one or maybe two things really well and they are looking for a technology solution that is built the same way.

Rezgo is an ideal bookings, reservations, and customer management system for in-destination tour and activity operators.

Rezgo installation guide

  1. Login to your Rezgo account by going to
  2. Go to Settings > My Payment methods
  3. Select ‘Accept Credit Cards’ ON
  4. Select ‘Use Payment Gateway’ ON
  5. Click on ‘Attach Account’ and select ‘eWAY’ from the list of supported gateways
  6. Enter your eWAY Customer ID in the space provided.
  7. Click on ‘Attach Account’ to save the settings
  8. If successful, the system will show the following success message: “Your gateway account is connected and working normally.’
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How it works with eWAY

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