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About RomanCart

Shopping Cart and Internet Marketing System

RomanCart turns any website into an online store in less than 5 minutes. Simply paste ‘Add to Basket’ or ‘Buy Now’ buttons into your webpage.

Accepting Online Payments means that your customers will be able to pay you during the sales process and the cart will know at that time whether the payment was successful. For example, the customer might pay using a Credit/Debit Card

Why use RomanCart?

Sign up to RomanCart NOW and you can add RomanCart buttons or hyperlinks to your own website and start selling in just a few minutes!

  • Shopping Cart Software
  • Internet Marketing Tools
  • Email Marketing
  • Autoresponders
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
  • And Much Much More!

RomanCart Installation Guide

  1. Click Configure in the Romancart back office
  2. Select ‘Payment methods from the drop-down menu, then Add New Method
  3. Choose eWAY and enter your eWAY Customer ID and click Save.

Reviews & Testimonials

“When we started using RomanCart sales doubled and we had lots of positive feedback from our customers about our new payment system and the security of it. We have used RomanCart now for some time and love it so much we have it on many of our websites including our most popular sites, and Our sales have tripled recently as we have introduced PayPal as a payment option which was just a simple click or two within RomanCart. RomanCart is a simple, secure shopping cart that benefits both the user and the customer”
– Jonjoe Lewis
“We integrated RomanCart to our website in September ’08 – a painless process, it’s remarkably easy to use. Since then, our website turnover has grown from an average of £750 a month to just short of £3000 a month, a four-fold increase. More importantly, it has enabled us to take the business from a part-time hobby job making a little pin-money, to the point where this month, we take it full-time. Without RomanCart, this wouldn’t have been possible. The functionality it offers has enabled us to process orders far more efficiently, and grow our international business enormously due to the fabulous flexibility it offers for shipping methods. We look forward to growing SnM Stuff to the point of being a significant player in the model-making and wargaming field, and plan to use RomanCart as an integral part of our long-term strategy”
– Sean Bissett-Powell
“One of the best moves we ever made after setting up our website was signing up for RomanCart. The range of functions is extremely useful to me, such as the Product Manager, which allows me to easily import my products into RomanCart and update any product descriptions, prices and delivery charges without having to make any html changes to my website.”
– George Burr
“Added shop pages to our website and implemented RomanCart, now we have daily year round regular sales from both national and international customers, and our website has a massively increased Google visibility using this shopping cart solution. As a small Business this is what it’s all about effectively using the Internet and RomanCart as a tool boosting our onsite sales.”
– Martin Weare
“We now do thousands of pounds of sales each week through Roman Cart (and have just started taking dollars through our US RomanCart). I would highly recommend it to anyone. We easily do double the sales through RomanCart that we did through our previous cart and this is partly down to how easy RomanCart is for customers to use on our site.”
– Guy Blaskey

Key Features

  • Sell standard products

  • Sell accomodation

  • Promotions

  • CRM

  • Dashboard

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