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  • Vendor Price:
    99 cents flat per ticket. No hidden fees or extra percentage fees.
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    Supports Rapid API

    Events / Ticketing


    Mobile / M-Commerce


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About SimpleTix

Online ticketing & event registration made easy.

Combine eWay’s secure payment processing with SimpleTix and enjoy successful online ticket sales.

SimpleTix provides eWay’s customers a turnkey electronic ticketing platform for online ticket sales. Users of SimpleTix can sell tickets from a mobile device or desktop, market the event, create customized reports and plugins to help you engage with customers and more.

Why use SimpleTix ?

The solution with the lowest ticketing fees while offering the most features.

SimpleTix Installation Guide

SimpleTix supports eWAY as a native integration; 

  1. Log into MYeWAY ​to access your Live API Key and API Password.
  2. Log into your website, go to: Settings & Options > Payment Providers > Select eWay.
  3. ​Enter in your: Live API Key and API Password (for this API User). Finally confirm your currency.

Once you’ve saved your settings make a test transaction ensuring you’ve enabled eWAY correctly with SimpleTix. 

Key Features

  • Ability to sell reserved seat ticketing and use interactive seating charts

  • Ability to sell both tickets as well as products in a single order

  • The certainty that payments made via smartphone or tablet are secure

  • The ability to customize our checkout workflow so that it works best for your firm’s individual needs and practices

  • Hundreds of extra features like survey questions, event page visitor analytics, and plugin support.

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