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VirtueMart is an open source technology that is the leading Online-Shop Solution for Joomla! (more than 2.5 Million Downloads so far). Joomla is a Content Management System that can assist you to build your website with ease.

The best news about VirtueMart is that it’s free! You can download, use and modify it without any Restrictions (License: GNU/GPL).

Why use VirtueMart?

VirtueMart is an eCommerce extension for Joomla’s. It’s perfect for selling your goods online and driving your business to new heights with its fully featured eCommerce engine. Despite being open source software, it can deliver the performance, usability and security that you expect from professional software.

VirtueMart installation guide

eWAY is natively integrated with VirtueMart V3.X which makes configuration a breeze.

To enabled eWAY in VirtueMart:

  1. Go to the Admin Panel and Click Payment Method Editor
  2. Find the eWAY option
  3. Click the corresponding ‘Active’ checkbox, then fill in your eWAY API Key and Password


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How it works with eWAY

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