The Christmas trading period signifies the start of one of the largest opportunities to maximise your sales. People are looking for gifts for themselves and their family members, and the number of Australian online shoppers is predicted to increase during this period.

To take advantage of the increase in online shoppers, we have listed 3 tips for you to get your eCommerce strategies ready.

1. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Australia Post’s 2018 eCommerce Whitepaper pointed out that one in five online purchases are now completed from a mobile device. This means your customers are highly likely to purchase products online during the Christmas period, and they expect a great user experience, optimised for their mobile device.

When designing a responsive, mobile-friendly layout for your website, be sure to keep the important content up-front and easily accessible. Additionally, have an enticing call-to-action to encourage them to respond to the offer.

Content should be made mobile friendly. Keeping the title and paragraphs short can increase the opportunity of click-throughs. Subtitles and images are also helpful to make your content easier to read on mobile devices.

2.   Announce Product Bundles

Customers are generally always looking for the best deals. Combining separate products into bundles is an easy and effective way to attract customers and provide more value to them. It’s also an effective way to increase revenue. You can decide what products to bundle by looking at your website data and checking what customers usually buy together.

A great way to draw customers’ attention to a product bundle is to display an image of the announcement in a pop-up window or during the checkout process. Either way, ensure you highlight the savings that can be made through the product bundle.

3. Optimise Your Christmas Campaign Landing Page

Landing pages are a great way to motivate visitors to take that next step and become a customer.

Any landing pages should strongly match the offer or incentive that drove them there in the first place. For example, a Christmas offer should drive users to a Christmas-themed landing page.

Keywords used on the landing page are just as important as the look & feel, as this has an impact on how search engines rank your page.

A keyword-focused title tag and meta description tend to lead to higher rankings. A/B testing is a great method to test and compare how different landing pages perform.

Thanks for reading. We hope you have a merry Christmas and happy new year.


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