Are you Easter ready?

It’s that time of year again – inundations of ‘Easter savings’ and ‘long weekend only’ specials flood your inbox, while all the while you’re thinking of how to implement marketing ideas for your business that truly stand out among the rest.

Find some inspiration with our top 5 marketing ideas and open your doors for business.

1. Treats, Tweets and Sweets – implementing interactive social campaigns

Holidays and celebrations offer the perfect outlet for creativity. Get some feedback from staff members and collaborate a list of ideas best targeted to your social followers – you can place a safe bet that social media accounts will be thriving over the long weekend.

Try offering sweet incentives to get your followers talking – while something along the lines of ‘Caption this and win a sweet treat this Easter’ or ‘Tag your Easter bunny and win’ may work for more visual social channels like Facebook and Instagram, simple campaigns like ‘Tell us your Easter long-weekend plans and win’ may work more effectively for outlets such as Twitter.

2. Your Best Chocolate Recipe – letting your followers create your content

Getting your customers and followers involved in Easter festivities is a great way to spread brand awareness. Give them the opportunity to drive content and get others involved via word of mouth with campaigns such as ‘Your top Easter treat in 5 words or less’, ‘Share your best Easter creation’ or ‘Show us your Easter stash’.

3. The Easter Bunny Hops All Weekend – Why Shouldn’t You? – adding a seasonal twist to your emails

Don’t be afraid to try something a little different with your creative marketing ideas, especially when it comes to a fun, indulgent holiday long-weekend. Think outside the box and find ways to engage with a little bit of humour – customers will likely be intrigued by a fresh hit of imagery and wording.

4. Everyone Loves a Gift – taking your business to the streets

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, get into the Easter spirit and start meeting and greeting with future potential customers. Take to the streets with homemade treats (for those willing to go the extra mile) or wrapped chocolate eggs (for those with no time to spare) along with a flyer or business card and get socialising. If you’re an online business, consider setting up a stall, hitting the local markets or simply find a space amidst the hustle and bustle of your business district.

5. Hop, Skip and Save – putting forth an irresistible Easter discount

Of course, as a business owner, Easter deals are a hot seller for you, and you want the opportunity to capitalise. Avoid the usual 20/25/30% off standard deals and opt for something that’s going to really capture your customer’s interest – think ‘the further you jump, the more you save’ discounts based on a customer’s location in relation to your business location, increased discounts as the weekend progresses or ‘have a VERY Good Friday’ countdown special.

Feeling inspired? Partner your creative marketing campaigns with eWAYs’ payment solution and treat yourself and your business to a gift that keeps on giving this Easter.

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