Making the decision to start your own business is liberating – you have the freedom to work how, where and when you want, whilst being in charge of the finer details of business operations. Getting started, however, can be tricky. If you don’t want to get hasty with your savings, the world of online business offers you the chance to start small before earning big.
Take a look at these five online businesses you can start with no money and get inspired to start working your way to independent earning.

Buy/Swap/Sell Businesses

You may have seen these pages plastered over your social media – and there’s a reason they’re so popular. Buy, swap and sell businesses (think Gumtree, Craigslist and eBay) are easy to start and you can get fully operational without the need for investment. Additionally if you’re interested in testing the waters with a certain type of product, these platforms give you the chance to gain insight into your target audience and discover the most powerful marketing techniques to attract and retain customers.

Freelancing Services

Whether it’s photography, writing, research, editing or financial services, offering online services as a freelancer means all you need is a computer and good time management skills – and whatever your skills, there’s opportunity to earn. Setting up your own freelancing business is as simple as registering as a sole trader, promoting your services and negotiating terms and conditions with your prospective contractor.
As well as being one of the online businesses you can start with no money, freelancing also enables you to work flexible hours. With many different websites specifically dedicated to hiring freelancers, you are also spoilt for choice when it comes to finding and taking on the jobs you want to do.  
eWAY client Top Techs Management is an example of a business setup specifically to assist freelance workers in the Film & Television industry. It’s a diary and booking service which represents the best in freelance film & digital technicians in Australasia.

Online Consulting

Want to share your expertise with a global audience? Whether you’ve racked up a wealth of experience with hands-on work or are well-seasoned in the research department, online consulting allows you to connect with companies interested in improving their own business operations with the wisdom of someone well versed in their industry.
As an online consultant, you can choose to go your own way and start up yourself building up your online presence or sign up with a third party service and create a profile to promote yourself and your consulting services.
One such example is eWAY client and Canberra-based marketing & advertising agency, The Mark. Founded in 2006, The Mark use the latest research and technology to create experiences that attract and motivate audiences to engage with your brand.


Successful bloggers depend on one thing – good content. The more relevant, engaging and informative your content is, the more traffic you will attract to your blog. Earning money from advertisers, cross promotional deals and subscription services, blogging is a cheap and easy means to starting your online business while tailoring the look and feel in a unique manner. Concurrently, this means you can also connect with businesses that complement yours, giving you the opportunity to grow your network while exposing yourself to a wider audience.

Video Creation

Ever wonder why the biggest names on YouTube seem to earn more money sitting in front of a screen than most 9-5 workers? Again this comes back to regular quality content – be it weird or wonderful, people love watching vloggers who can inform, inspire, engage and captivate on camera.
If you’re not camera shy and have a niche you want to share, start up your own channel, share your personality and get vlogging – think online tutorials, product reviews and how-to videos.  
One such example is eWAY client Melbourne SEO & Video. Then owner, David Jenyns, started the business on his own almost two decades ago after nine years of self-study in business & marketing. Melbourne SEO & Video provide a full range of website optimisation and search engine optimisation services.

Ready to start earning?

Before you open up shop, consider powering your new online store or eCommerce solution with eWAY. We have over 250 software and shopping cart integrations, and serve over 26,000 businesses in Australia & New Zealand. In fact, 1 in 4 eRetail payments is powered by eWAY!

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