eCommerce technology has been around long enough now that online shoppers have come to expect a sophisticated yet easy and streamlined experience.

eWAY works with businesses and online merchants of all sizes to protect and enhance merchant-customer relationships with superior localised support, faster settlements and a friction-free shopping experience that means less time stuck in the checkout for your customers, and more time to shop, hassle-free.

Here’s 5 reasons why your business should be using eWAY:

  1. Optimise payment experience: Easy to use on all your devices. No extra scrolling or poor scaling of important information, your customers are guided through your checkout quickly and simply, whether on their desktop computer at home or office, or on-the-go on their mobile.
  2. Faster processing and settlement: Why wait up to 10 days for settlement of your online credit card sales? eWAY processes payments fast often remitting within the same business day.
  3. Platform compatibility: eWAY partners with many of the mot popular shopping carts and platforms and integrates seamlessly with your business tools, providing accurate reporting and easy reconciliation that gives you greater visibility over your bottom line.
  4. Dedicated support channels: You choose how we support you. Our helpdesk support us available around the clock online, via email or over the phone to keep you transacting online with minimum downtime so you never miss a sale or disappoint a customer.
  5. Innovative and current: The eCommerce industry continues to evolve in line with market and consumer expectations – eWAY keeps your business on top of changing technology and trends.


When choosing an online transaction partner, it’s important to find a solution that delivers all the features that ultimately make life easier for you and your buyers.

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