Business partners Chris Tate and Louise Bedford have been full-time traders for decades. Louise began her trading journey as the National Manager for a US-based multinational company working over 80 hours a week. A dream job, her professional ambitions started to come true. But just a few short years later — the unexpected happened.

“Over the course of a couple of months, I progressively lost the use of my arms suffering from a neurological condition. I found that even simple tasks such as opening doors had become a daily, painful struggle,” Louise said.

Louise had no choice but to quit her full-time job that she loved, leaving behind the company car, the frequent flyer points and the corner office. But as she walked out for the final time, she realised something.

“I had a secret weapon. Something that insulated me from the need for an employer’s pay cheque. Something that I had been learning alongside my career position. And I was able to pull it out of my hat when I needed it the most,” she said.

Louise knew how to trade.

Even though her body wasn’t co-operating, she could still make money by trading. And she came to realise her life calling was to teach others how to do the same.

“As I did my endless physiotherapy lessons at the public pool, I found myself surrounded by people in a much worse condition than I was — they all became my friends. We inspired each other, and didn’t allow excuses, as we struggled for freedom from our bodies that had let us down,” she said.

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Louise Bedford (pictured above) and her business partner Chris Tate are providing mentorship to hundreds of novice and advanced traders to beat fund managers at their own game.

Although Louise is still struggling with various health issues, this has motivated her to seek out others in need and show them how to apply discipline and use effective trading systems to make all sorts of changes in their lives.

Louise and Chris founded the Mentor Program in 2000, designed to teach traders how to trade in every type of market around the world, helping them chase down their higher purpose and achieve financial serenity.

“Make no mistake, Eway has been a huge part of our success.”

Can you describe what the set up with Eway was like?

It’s been a ‘set and forget’ process for us. When we first used your services, and everything was initially established, that was the only time I had to fill in any paperwork, or make any decisions.

How have you found using the Eway payments solution since then?

Since then, Eway has integrated with our business seamlessly. It’s been such an easy to use service, with no confusion, hiccups, or distress. It’s been a true joint venture as when we have expanded, we knew Eway would be there to back us up. It’s been a joy to use Eway, and yes, I have widely recommended your service to other businesses.

What have been your favourite features of using Eway?

The screens on your website must have been thoroughly user tested for ease, and the way they’re laid out all makes complete sense. What a relief it has been to trust this service so fully I can forget about it all, and just know that it will be working in the background without me having to intervene.

The other aspect is that our clients are no longer confused on the rare occasion when I have to generate a refund. Eway makes it so clear what is happening by sending out an email directly to the client, with complete information. This has saved me a lot of grief and there is so much less double handling.

Everything is at my fingertips, displayed so beautifully, and this consistency of service is what I’ve come to rely on. On the extremely rare occasion when I’ve needed to contact Eway, it’s been so easy to use the CHAT function on the website, and the service has been fast and exceptional.

Louise said it’s so nice to have a service that she can forget about while she concentrates on other aspects of her business.

trading card game

So, what do the next five years look like for The Trading Game?

The markets stay the same more than they change. Sure there will be new instruments introduced, and new traders who are looking to trade effectively. But the core of our business isn’t changing.

We still are going to be in our traders’ corner, offering them support, care and assistance, so they can accomplish their goals.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs reading this?

I know that 2020 has treated your plans as if it was one big Jenga game. I think the major challenge is needing to re-frame the chaos, and wrestle back some control, because, in the end, all we can do is control what’s happening to us right now. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. Now is all we have.

Facing a disability square in the face can be so confronting. However, it brings opportunity as well. Without being kicked out of my corporate nest, I never would have started my own eCommerce business helping traders. I would have just stayed in my comfort zone, and missed out on the chance to be an entrepreneur.

So, if this describes your situation, and you’re feeling trapped by your own limitations, consider that this might just represent an opportunity. It could be the next step for you to start your own eCommerce business, and live life on your own terms.

Louise Bedford is a full-time private trader and author of several best-selling books including –The Secret of Candlestick Charting, Charting Secrets and Trading Secrets. To pick up her free trading plan template, register on The Trading Game website and she’ll send it to you straight away.Are you looking to live life on your own terms? Eway is ready to help your eCommerce business start transacting, to get started contact us today.

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