eWAY puts a face to a name, switches on global live video-assisted customer support

TWO-PART ANNOUNCEMENT: eWAY innovates and leads the way globally in B2B customer service Refreshes brand after 17 years in eCommerce business.

Australia, Thursday 9 April 2015 — Pioneer eCommerce tech company, eWAY, today launches an new service that will allow customers to connect with eWAY via live video-assisted chat, shaking up the delivery of business-to-business customer support in Australia.

New and existing customers of eWAY will now be able to summon a real, live, human support technician face-to-face whenever they want — 24/7, 365 days a year. The video chat also enables two-way screen sharing, allowing eWAY Support Heros to assist customers with technical questions.

Customers working from home in their pyjamas need not worry, the video-assisted chat is one way.

eWAY, who power online payments for 18,000 merchants globally, including Qantas and Westfield, has leveraged relationships with Google and LiveChatInc to introduce the video service. The video-assisted chat integrates with eWAY’s sophisticated workflow for sales and customer support ticketing systems, including Salesforce.

eWAY is the only online payments provider in the world to offer 24/7 phone, web chat and now video-assisted customer support to businesses who accept payments online. These services are managed by eWAY’s Chief Experience Officer.

eWAY CEO and founder Matt Bullock, said:

“Customer needs are changing as technology evolves, and this includes businesses as well as consumers, where most of the innovation-push is focused.

“Video-assisted chat provides another way for our merchants and prospective merchants to get advice on how to grow and manage their online business. When a customer sees an eWAY Support Hero, they know that it’s an expert there supporting them, not just someone in a call centre offshore relaying a message.

“In the online space especially, there is a tendency for software as a service (SaaS) providers and platforms to be faceless. At present, you cannot even phone, let alone LiveChat with another payment provider.

“When I started eWAY 17 years ago I learned very quickly that customer service was everything. So much so that I’ve built my entire business model and team around it. We’re always looking for new ways to introduce customer-supportive technology.”

Any online merchant or customer service enthusiast can experience this video chat by visiting the eWAY websites and launching a LiveChat, where an eWAY Support Hero will send a secure link to commence a video-assisted chat.

eWAY refreshes brand after 17 years in the eCommerce business

After 17 years in the eCommerce business, pioneer online payments platform eWAY have undertaken a brand refresh with the launch of video-assisted customer service, and a new website, logo and tagline.

The underlying brand values of the Aussie tech stalwart, founded firmly on ‘human’ support, still stand true and will remain unchanged.

The new website is geo-located for the provision of global services, and integrates customer web chat and video-assisted chat. The new logo is a simple, modern representation of eWAY’s high levels of customer satisfaction, with a nod to a happy smile.

“The new tagline, ‘Easy, Helpful, Human’, is a reflection of how we’ve always operated and what we stand for,” said founder and CEO, Matt Bullock.

“I started eWAY in 1998 back before online shopping was even a thing. I paid a guy $50 to make me a logo, and we’ve had it ever since. But eWAY has grown into much more since then.

“There are two core aspects to this business — a technology payments platform, and customer service. We’ve focused on innovating and evolving these components over the past 17 years. The refresh is just about articulating and communicating this better with our now 18,000 strong base of customers.

“The website certainly took blood, sweat and tears, but I’m proud of what we’ve come up with and we all feel very close to it.”

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