With over 20,000 customers under its belt, eWAY has simplified payments for online retailers with a single 2.6% flat rate for all credit cards.’

One of the Asia Pacific’s top online payments providers, eWAY, has today announced a nice surprise for its 20,000+ online merchants: a new flat 2.6 per cent Merchant Service Fee across all payment card types.

eWAY says this is unmatched, and which makes it ‘the most competitive pricing rate on the market.’

This includes ‘Premium credit card providers,’ which historically charge higher rates.

The new simplified pricing structure is found in eWAY’s ‘Have a Go Plan’, which ‘features a single merchant rate on all cards, regardless of the provider, category or country of origin,’ and it also ‘comes without any additional set-up fees or ongoing transaction fees.’

So, how was this achieved? It was done as a result of recent agreements signed with card providers, and helps eWAY offer ‘more competitive card options to small businesses to tap into the growing global demand for Australian eCommerce.’

In addition, eWAY has also introduced ‘a new Multi-Currency payment solution’ for its 20,000+ merchants allowing online retailers to accept payments made with foreign cards and charge overseas customers in their local currency.’

The company’s recent June 2015 Online Retail Report revealed online sales in Australia are predicted to tip $19 billion this year, and also reported a significant increase (35.5%) in demand from overseas shoppers.

Matt Bullock, CEO and Founder of eWAY, noted the ‘flat 2.6 per cent rate across all cards is a key part of eWAY’s objective to simplify payments for online merchants, which is often a complex process.’

Bullock stated: “We are taking the friction out of pricing for online retailers by implementing a flat rate for all cards and making it easier for them to accept a wider range of payment options.

“With the Australian dollar down against other currencies, Australian online retailers have identified a growing demand from overseas shoppers. Merchants have a bigger shot to tap into international markets by accepting the whole spectrum of credit cards.

“Our Multi-Currency solution also increases merchants’ opportunity to appeal to foreign shoppers. This solution eliminates chances of exchange rates affecting retailers’ margins by enabling them to charge international customers in their local currency.

“We want to make the whole payment structure simple and help online retailers increase their sales and grow their business, and support the growth of Australia’s eCommerce ,” said Bullock.

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