Want to know the driving forces behind Australia’s most successful charity and non-for-profit (NFP) organisations? Joining forces with GiveEasy, Westpac and AGSM@UNSW Business School, eWay is supporting research into innovation within the non-for-profit sector with the Innovation Index.
With the Innovation Index, you can gain insight into the innovative elements driving industry change, as well as identify the most common barriers NFP’s face today.

What is the Innovation Index?

The Innovation Index is a collection of information provided by an array of charities or non-for-profit organisations. Collated, this annual report outlines valuable information on the innovative capabilities specific to Australia’s not-for-profit sector.
By partaking in a quick 10 minute survey, charity and NFP organisations can gain valuable insight into the main drivers and barriers contributing to innovation advancement, as well as get tips to improve organisational operations for future innovation capabilities. This report includes information on the specific qualities shared by successful NFP organisations, different types of innovations being implemented, and the most common barriers faced by low, moderate and high innovators.
As a participant of the annual Innovation Index, you receive an overall scorecard benchmarking your organisation against the sector, providing you with the insight needed to drive innovation and make the necessary changes or adjustments to drive organisational success.

2017 Innovation Index Report Highlights

  • Non-for profit organisations see technology as the highest performing element of innovation within their sector, with more than half of NFP’s acknowledging the speed of digital transformation as a key driver within their organisation.
  • Successful charities and non-for-profits maximising the use of technology identified the following five digital trends in the NFP sector changing the way we live, work and donate:
    • Digital economy
    • Online communities
    • Online marketing
    • Digital collaboration
    • Digital fundraising
  • Stakeholder centricity was recognised as the most standout improvement area in the NFP sector, jumping from the lowest performing vector at 50.7 to 62.2.  
  • The Innovation Index identified reward and recognition and organisational velocity as two areas that require considerable attention in the charity and NFP sector, both of which scored below the average score of 63. Additionally, it was reported only 2% of employees feel comfortable to question the status quo within an organisation, with only 10% feeling informed risk-taking is encouraged.

To download the full 2017 Innovation Index Report, click here.

How Do I Contribute to the Innovation Index?

As an all-inclusive study for charity and non-for-profit organisations, the Innovation Index survey can be undertaken by all industry workers, from volunteers and employees to CEOs. The higher the response, the more valuable these insights become for charities and NFPs to utilise. For further background information on the Innovation Index, including background briefing, innovation Q&As and email templates to send to internal staff members to join the survey, click here.  
Get started on improving the performance of your charity or non-for-profit organisation and make change happen today.
Click here to have your say in the 2018 Innovation Index survey.

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