When looking for an alternative solution to traditional banking methods, online payment systems offer you a wealth of opportunity. This enables you to steer clear of the outdated Monday to Friday service, long wait times and time-consuming transaction periods, while implementing an effective and efficient system that works for both you and your customers.
Consider the following points when choosing an online payment solution to make sure you’re getting the best possible service, price and usability for your needs.

How secure is your online payment gateway?

As this is your main hub of your businesses financial operations, your chosen online payment gateway provider should be equipped with the highest level of security to protect you and your customers from fraudulent transactions, hacking and cyber-attacks.
Military grade protection offered through online payment gateways such as eWAY use the highest level of encryption for all software and servers, ensuring all information is kept safe from online predators and modern threats. Additionally, eWAY is tier-one PCI DSS compliant—as externally audited by Stratsec (QSA). This means eWAY is compliant with the highest security standards set by Visa and MasterCard.  

What is the set-up and compatibility like?

As a business owner, you want to be able to get your online payment system up and running quickly with minimal effort, while making sure you can accept transactions from a variety of different credit cards and online payment systems. This increases the likelihood of customer purchases and retention without the need to stop business while systems are set-up.
With a fast same-day set-up and a range of information and resources specifically for developers, eWAY gives you the option to choose a service before setting up an Internet Merchant Account. As a business owner, you can then start accepting payments from customers in less than a week.
To keep your customers happy, it can also be a good idea to ensure your chosen online payment gateway system supports digital wallets such as Apple Pay and MasterPass. Alongside both of these payment options, eWAY also accepts Paypal and multiple credit card payments.

How flexible is your online payment gateway?

When it comes to online payment operations, there is often no one size fits all solution. Different sized businesses and different industries often require tailored payment options to ensure they are making things as streamlined as they can for the target audience, and you need to make sure your chosen gateway provider can offer you flexible, individualised solutions.
With eWAY, you get to tailor your system inclusions to the kind of business you’re operating, whether it’s a handcrafted boutique or big business franchise. Services with eWAY can also act as responsive tools for growing your business via the utilisation of many partnered apps. If you’re eager to explore different online avenues to grow your business, this option is an ideal choice.

Is this company reputable?

As you’re placing your finances in digital hands, you need to do your research and ensure your online payment gateway provider is well-reputed. Check the numbers, read up on reviews and make sure you’re choosing a system provider that has proven results, positive feedback and is up to date with the latest in digital financial operations.  
Processing payments for over 26,000 businesses, eWAY makes up 25% of the local online market. As a merchant centric online payment gateway, eWAY processes billions in payments every year from tens of thousands of businesses across the globe, and is also part of the Global Payments Network.

What kind of support will I receive?

In today’s technology driven world, business never sleeps. You want the reassurance that you can have 24/7 access to help and assistance whenever you need. Your online payment gateway provider should be offering you support at any time of the day or night, while interacting with professionals who will give you personalised advice and help for your business.

Ready to ditch the traditional bank operations and move into the digital sphere? Contact eWAY and let us take you through the best options for your business today!
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