On March 29, Samsung will launch its much-anticipated new smartphone, the Galaxy S8.[1] In the leadup to its release, the world has been waking up to a stream of Samsung Galaxy S8 predictions and nonstop discussions around features and specs.

This buzz is sure to draw shoppers to purchase the new Samsung Galaxy S8. But with the release only days away, how can Samsung ensure the product lives up to the hype?

The Role of Product Descriptions in Conversions

In the arsenal of sales enablement tools, the product description is often overlooked by brands. A poorly written product description can deter customers. On the other hand, well-written product descriptions can entice customers and convince them to convert. Samsung has been making an art of writing product descriptions that sell.

Product descriptions fit into the final stage of the purchasing funnel – and can either feed or zap buyer’s motivation. Consumers arrive at product descriptions after researching similar brands, features and price points. At this point, they are often ready to make a decision whether to buy or not. Your product description could just be the final push they need to choose your product over your competitor’s.

Putting Product Descriptions Under the Microscope

Let’s start by putting things into perspective and taking a look at a product description for Samsung’s earlier flagship product, Galaxy S7. The below product description is by a reseller. Have a read and think about how much it makes you want to buy the product. Our guess is: Not so much.

An example of a Samsung Galaxy S7 product description
Now, for comparison, take a look at the product description from another retail website.

Another example of a Samsung Galaxy S7 product description

Same product, but entirely different story. Which one paints a better picture of the product and persuades you more to stay on the page and complete the sale? Our guess is the second one wins hands-down if only because it is more descriptive and comprehensive. The information is quite well organised, too. Plus it gets bonus points for leading with the benefits. As they say, features tell, benefits sell.

What does it take to make your product description sell? We looked at how Samsung did it with the Galaxy S7 for some pointers. One look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 microsite [2] and you’ll find it’s a masterclass in writing great product descriptions.

Straight off the bat, the page begins with an offer. The oldest trick in the sales book is to sweeten your offering and Samsung does that with a bonus product to go with the S7 smartphone.

Sweeten the deal with an offer

What follows then is a reminder of what brought you, the customer, to the product page in the first place – their unbeatable range of features. But look deeper and you see that it is not a staid list of features and specs. Instead, Samsung steps into emotional overdrive crafting a storyline around its “bleeding-edge” tech.

How Samsung Writes Product Descriptions

Samsung redefines product descriptions by combining movement, colour and emotions with facts to build an experience around the product that is almost as compelling as a salesperson telling you a story.

For example, the microsite addresses concerns about security and water resistance in the same breath as it talks about hardware, camera and gaming capabilities.  

The secret to writing a good product description is knowing what makes your customers tick. And that begins by knowing what it is about your product that will excite them in the first place. Whichever way you look at it, Samsung puts the customer at the centre of their product universe. They have built the product around their customers and they continue to sell it to them in the same way.
Samsung considers the habits of its customers with “Shortcuts” and the “Smart Switch” App, which helps them transfer data from their old phone to the Galaxy S7.

When highlighting features, start with the customer



Note the use of sensory language to evoke emotions that push the right buttons. There is a clear emphasis on benefits over features. Rather than saying how excellent their product is, Samsung talks about what goes into building such an awesome product.

Samsung product descriptions also score high on readability. The Galaxy S7 product description is not only readable, it is scannable. Large fonts and white space make it easy to read. Videos and images bring the product to life.

Obviously, there’s more to making a sale than product descriptions. But having well-written product descriptions can certainly help increase confidence in the purchase and decrease cart abandonment. Take a leaf out of Samsung’s product page for some inspiration.

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[1] Samsung Galaxy S8 release date and everything you should know, John McCann http://www.techradar.com/blog/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/samsung-galaxy-s8-1318744
[2] Samsung Galaxy S7 Overview, Product Shots and Features http://www.samsung.com/au/smartphones/galaxy-s7/overview/

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