NEW! Click to Pay. A new way to pay.

A quicker, frictionless online checkout experience

Click to Pay brings together Amex Express and Visa Checkout into one seamless checkout experience, with Mastercard coming soon. The solution is designed to mirror the consistent experience in store with one button to accept all card payments. Customers’ payment details are stored securely with American Express or Visa, which means all a customer has to do to pay is click on the  SRC Icon  icon to complete their transaction

eWAY merchants can now activate Click to Pay for free through the MYeWAY portal. Once activated by the eWAY merchant, their customers will be able to quickly pay whenever they see the Click to Pay icon  SRC Icon  (where American Express or Visa is accepted).

Why Click to Pay?

This will make life easier for your customers, providing them with a frictionless, faster and more intuitive checkout experience:

  • Faster, frictionless online checkout: Stay signed in across multiple devices. No need to retype card data when online shopping.
  • Secure storing of card details: Peace of mind as customers don’t need to store card data across multiple websites. Details are kept within Click to Pay at Visa or American Express.
  • Pay online like you do in store: One button for all card types, similar to your checkout experience in store.
  • Enrol once: No need to register separately to Visa and American Express. Sign up for one, get access to both via Click to Pay.
  • Higher satisfaction with the overall payment experience: Innate knowing that was an easy online shopping purchase.

Benefits of Click to Pay

Benefits for your business with this new one-click payment experience:

  • Cost effective vs other digital wallet options: Get the one-click convenience of other digital wallets and it’s free to use.
  • Less cart abandonment and more sales: Reduced friction and less hoops to jump at the checkout.
  • Improved shopping experience that is fine tuned for high customer satisfaction: Encouraging repeat purchase behaviour.

Activating Click to Pay in MYeEWAY

A few simple steps to enable Click to Pay in MYeWAY:

  1. Log Into MYeWAY
  2. Hover your mouse over the Settings tab, and click on Click to Pay Settings

    Step 1


  3. Click on the Show Visa Checkout Merchant Services Agreement button.

    Step 2


  4. Click on the Agree and Create Account button.

    Step 3


  5. Final page.

    Step 4

Ready to get started?

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