A stronger fraud protection approach

3D Secure 2.0

Reduce fraudulent transactions and streamline your checkout experience with 3D Secure 2.0 and Eway. The Eway Fraud Protection already included with your Eway account works together with 3D Secure 2.0 by detecting different risk factors that may contribute to fraud. With this ultimate security duo, you can offer your customers a fast, seamless, and secure shopping experience — so you never lose a customer at the finish line.

Reduce fraudulent transactions

Reduce fraudulent transactions

Prevent up to 50% of unauthorised purchases happening in the first instance.

Validate genuine customer transactions in real-time

Validate genuine customer transactions in real-time

3D Secure 2.0 uses rich data to validate the cardholder behind the transaction.

Reduce cart abandonment

Reduce cart abandonment

3D Secure 2.0 will improve your website’s payment security and give your customers peace of mind.


Provide a safe and secure checkout experience

Fighting fraud with 3D Secure 2.0

3D Secure 2.0 provides a real-time rich data exchange between the merchant, card issuer and card scheme (eg. Visa, Amex or Mastercard).  3D Secure 2.0 checks a number of data points about the cardholder and their device during the online transaction to calculate a risk score for fraud. 

For high fraud risk transactions, the cardholder is prompted to complete an authentication step. Low-risk score transactions, skip this step.

3D Secure 2.0 combines with our Fraud Protection Plans and Eway features such as Eway tokenisation and device fingerprinting to help you detect any suspicious activity across the entire transaction process. 


Activating 3D Secure 2.0 is easy for Eway customers

Just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Login to your MyEway portal
  2. Click on “Settings” menu
  3. Click “3D Secure 2.0 Settings”
  4. Read through “3D Secure 2.0 Settings and Status” then click the “Request” button.

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3D Secure 2.0 (short for three domain secure, second version) is an online security protocol created by the card schemes to improve security for card-not-present (CNP) transactions. 

The “three domains” are: 

  • Issuer – the bank which issued the card
  • Acquirer – the merchant and the bank which gets the money
  • Card scheme – eg. Visa, Mastercard, Amex  etc.

3DS2 will be free until March 2023 and then $0.05 per Visa/Mastercard transaction in addition to your current Eway plan, so you’ll need to decide if these costs outweigh the protection benefits for your business. 

3DS2 is the latest version of 3D Secure 1.0. It provides a frictionless checkout experience that’s compatible with mobile devices while improving the security of the transaction.

3DS2 combines data from the merchant, issuing bank, and card scheme to assess the risk of each transaction. Depending on the risk score, transactions can be approved, challenged or declined. It only applies to customer initiated transactions

The key merchant benefit is fraud chargeback protection where the financial liability of a fraud chargeback is shifted from the merchant to the cardholder’s bank.  Others include:

  • Real-time data validation authenticates genuine cardholders behind a purchase and blocks fraudsters.
  • Improved sales conversion with a secure, fast and frictionless checkout experience for repeat or low risk customers.
  • Leverages the latest in digital payment security such as one time passcode or biometric identification to validate cardholders.

3DS2 limits fraudulent activity through swift, real time data exchange that provides a higher certainty the transaction is genuine. If your business experiences a high volume of fraud or chargebacks, then 3DS2 can help solve this. 

The customer experience is:

  1. Cardholder makes an online purchase on your website.
  2. Before authorisation, 3DS2 routes the transaction to the Issuer to authenticate the cardholder and assesses the risk of the transaction.
  3. The Issuer calculates a risk score to determine if the transaction is high or low risk.
  4. If the score is low risk, the transaction will be sent back to the merchant for authorisation.
  5. If the score is high risk, the transaction will either be challenged or declined by the Issuer.

While only 5% of cardholders will experience a challenge, all online card transactions will have 3DS2 applied if you sign up for the scheme.

Other chargebacks may still apply if transactions are not found to be fraudulent.

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