WooCommerce + eWAY Running ​Your ​WordPress Website ​Has ​Never Been Easier

Need a flexible payment module for your WooCommerce website? You’ve found it. WooCommerce has partnered closely with eWAY to deliver the best payment module for your WordPress and WooCommerce website.

Take advantage of eWAY’s award winning payment platform to help grow your business. Thousands of merchant around the world are using eWAY and WooCommerce to support everything from subscriptions to product purchases or even digital downloads.

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A Multitude of Integration and Customisation Options

Your customer purchases

Sell ​even more

Now integrated with eWAY’s Token Payments, consumers can save card data securely with eWAY when they checkout.

Get paid anywhere, anytime

Flexibility at the checkout

Allow merchants to choose from a previously saved card, or ​provide a new card for that purchase.

Credit card payment

Sent through eWAY

​Invoice references and descriptions are all sent through to eWAY – making it easier to reference and reconcile.

multiple payment options

Supports ​Subscriptions

​​WooCommerce Subscriptions is one of their most popular modules. eWAY is ​fully supported.

business growth

Never Miss a Sale!

​Shopping cart contents are retained, even when orders are declined.

Speak to the bank

Easily refund when needed

​Refunds are built right in to the WooCommerce backoffice.
No more refunding and then manually updating orders.

Key features

PCI Compliance and Fraud Protection

Key benefits

Integrated Payment Products

eWAY Payment Products

How do I get it

The official eWAY Payments Extension is available from the WooCommerce plugin directory. Click below to get started.  

Take a look at ​these instructions on how to install and configure the extension from the eWAY ​Success Community. 

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With 24/7 support, over 250 integrations and 20+ years experience - the team at eWAY are here to provide you with the leading all-in-one payments solution.