Louisa Narbey was a landlord with nine rental properties from 1989-2001. After taking a break, she entered back into the property market in 2012.

She was surprised that after nearly 11 years, the technology and tenancy systems remained unchanged and outdated.

As a landlord herself, Louisa understands that homeowners looking to rent out their property need something more than just a face value assurance that a potential renter is exactly who they say they are — and they need it quickly.

It can be a nerve-racking experience for a landlord to trust someone with one of their biggest assets, but Louisa found a way to put their minds at ease.

“I designed a cloud technology-based system for landlords to receive information immediately on any device. It validates what the potential tenants are telling you is checking out,” Louisa says.

“I wanted to build a website that was easy to navigate and helped landlords avoid searching through government departments trying to find crucial information in convoluted systems,” she says.

Using Eway’s payment gateway, Louisa delivers a streamlined customer experience, from name checking to payment.

“Our clients are able to search for immediate information and their payment is done within seconds using Eway”

“Simultaneously, the receipts are generated through Ewayand I can look at the banking system live, as I’m talking to a client. This is helpful when I need to review, amend or refund, as I can do that all instantly with no delays.”

Name check
Louisa enjoys the flexibility Eway offers for handling payments when she’s on the move.

“I don’t have to be in the office. I can be out and about, every time a client puts a purchase through, a receipt is instantly generated that I’m aware of so if they were to phone me up, I can refer to it,” she says.

“[Eway is] a reliable and simple payment solution with knowledgeable staff who always answer my call promptly. And best of all, it’s an easy online system that has never failed in the five years I’ve been using it!”

“I have Australian clients thanking me as they check the tenants put forward to them by real estate agents here in New Zealand, and vice versa. Without any effort, they can enter a name, process their payment, and get the information they need in a 24/7 environment,” she says.

Louisa commented on the billing experience and how happy she is with Eway’s fees.

“I get a statement every month like clockwork. It tells me everything that’s going on in one simple statement. My bank can’t even offer me the same rates I get using Eway,” she says.

Name check
Using Eway’s payment gateway, Name Check delivers a streamlined checkout process on their website.

Louisa continues to look at ways she can make the experience even better for her clients.

“I’m currently working on a partner collaboration with a property inspection company based in Auckland, to potentially provide a ‘pay when you need it’ inspection for landlords,” she says.

Louisa says being a landlord is a great service to the community, it’s financially rewarding, and you form great relationships.

“It all works, as long as you’ve got good tenants. I haven’t had any bad tenants. But other landlords aren’t so lucky,” she says.

“That’s why we’re [Name Check] here.”

Find out how Eway can help your business take online payments, to get started contact us today.

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