Choosing an Australian Payment Gateway

When it comes to checking out, a safe and secure payment gateway is the key to your business success. Find out more about eWAY Payments and how we tailor our services to suit your needs.

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Whether you’re selling online, raising funds or upgrading your system, integrating a payment gateway into your website is essential to make sure you’re keeping finances and personal information safe and secure.

We love what we do and value the quality and support received by local business, which is why we choose to integrate Australian payment gateway eWAY into our payment modules. This ensures your payment gateway is equipped with the highest security settings and same day settlement for your funds to continue growing your business.

We’re also dedicated to providing you with the best payment gateway for your business and have experience in implementing a variety of additional payment gateways. If there’s a particular system you’re after, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about the set-up costs involved.

In order to integrate and tailor your gateway to your business needs, it’s important for us to know how you wish for customers to proceed with payment. Consider the following:

Do you want your customers to enter their payment details via your website or would you prefer finances to be handled via your payment gateway?

How Much Do Payment Gateways Cost?

If you have a merchant account with your bank (which is often the case if you have a shop front), you can typically save money by utilising eWAY as your payment gateway. eWAY offers larger merchants and those with existing bank merchant accounts a variety of transaction pricing options, as well as solutions to take card swipe/tap payments in person with a point of sale facility.

For smaller businesses or start-ups without merchant accounts, eWAY also offer its own merchant facility, where you will be charged a percentage per transaction rate, which is typically higher for low volume transaction businesses.

In cases of disputed transactions, chargeback fees are also something you need to take into consideration – some payment gateways will charge an administration fee for funds successfully returned to the cardholder.

If you’re looking to incorporate PayPal transactions into your payment gateway, eWAY can also process these payments without needing to create a separate payment gateway for your site. To enable this, you must use the eWAY Responsive Shared Page.

Choosing an Australian Payment Gateway

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