Fraud Lite 

Fraud Lite is included free with every eWAY account, providing everything you need to protect your business from common sources of card fraud.

It also means all your transactions are measured against their fraud risk potential from the get go, allowing you access to vital business information. 

Check out the Fraud Lite features below:

  • Email alerts: Receive instant alerts if any suspicious activity is detected.
  • Country matching: Will block transactions where the country of the IP address does not match the billing address of the cardholder.
  • Block international transactions: Only sell locally? Block international transactions, where the country of the cardholder, billing address or IP Address are not in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Block anonymous proxies: Block transactions if the transaction IP address is hosted by an anonymous proxy, a common way for fraudsters to conceal their geolocation.
  • Block free email accounts:  Can block transactions where the email address is from a free provider like Google. Businesses should check if their customers’ are using free email addresses to set up their accounts as this rule will block their purchases;
  • Set maximum risk score: A real time risk score is calculated on every transaction using machine learning from more than three billion data points. You can set a maximum risk score between 0 (low risk) and 100 (high risk) so that transactions are blocked that are greater than your set maximum risk score. 
  • Device fingerprinting: If you are integrated with eWAY’s hosted checkout page, you can remotely analyse data collected from a customer’s software and hardware devices to detect patterns of fraud or suspicious activity. 

If you have an eWAY account that uses our Rapid API, Fraud Lite can be activated in your MYeWAY portal right now. Visit our Knowledge Base here for a step-by-step instructional video and ‘how to’ guide to enable Fraud Lite.

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